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The Community at Masjid al-Mumin consists of hard working, dedicated Muslims who love Allah and His

Messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace. These active participants offer meaningful projects, wholesome programming and events that help educate, bring awareness and provide a solid foundation in what it means to building an Islamic community. People in general look forward to new and different types of events that help fill the void of what is missing to live a life in totality: spiritually, physically and mentally. Therefore, it is the duty of the members of Masjid al-Mumin to make this a reality as part of its' da'wah efforts; to inform others about Allah's existence and our purpose of being here.  We hold the five daily prayers, the Jumu'ah prayers, the Two 'Eids, Classes, Family Night and we have a committee that sights the moon for the new month in the Islamic calendar every month.  Our goal is to encourage stronger relations within Masjid al-Mumin and its' neighbors, strengthen bonds of friendship among the Muslims and non-Muslims in general through our programs and events.

On Going Community Projects