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O mankind! Indeed, We created you from a male and a female and made you into nations and tribes so that you may know [yourself and other than yourself). Surely the noblest of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous among you.  Allah is truly All-Knowing, All-Aware.

Surah Hujurat 49:13


Black People's Invitation to Islam

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In the name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful. This letter from Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah - to the Great King of Abyssinia. Peace upon he who follows the Guidance. As to what follows: Indeed, for you I praise Allah whom there is no God except Him, the King, the Holy One, the Source of Peace, the Trustee, the Protector, the Guardian. I bear witness that Jesus, the son of Mary, is the spirit belonging to Allah and His Word that He cast to Mary, The Noble, Chaste, Virgin, who then became pregnant with Jesus, then Allah created him from His Spirit and His Breathing. He was created in the same way that He created Adam with His Power. Verily, I invite you to Allah the One who has no partner and I invite you to protected friendship with Allah, continuity and continuous governance in accordance with the will of Allah - in obedience to Him. I invite you to follow me and to have absolute certainty in all that I come with. For truly, I am the Messenger of Allah. I invite you and your government forces to Allah, the Mighty, the Majestic. Verily, I have delivered the message and have given sincere advice - so accept my advice. Peace be upon he who follows the Guidance."

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