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The community of Masjid Al-Mu'min invites you to attend Jumu'ah Services on Friday at 1:30 pm. Our family-oriented community is geared to families and individuals who are dedicated to building and supporting its' members and the surrounding

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Living Quarters

for Our Hafiz

On-going Fundraiser

Within the next several months we will be bringing a Hafiz of Qur'an to our community. He will be teaching our children and adults Qur'anic memorization as well as helping anyone who wishes to correct their recitation. Stage 1 of this process is renovate what will be his living quarters. Our contractor has given us a quote of $7610 for this renovation. Don't miss this golden opportunity to get a piece of the reward and blessings for everyone who benefits from having this teacher living among us!


And give the relative his right, and [also] the poor and the traveler, and do not spend wastefully.

Surah Al-Isra 17:26

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